Friday, September 22, 2006

Househunting 2 - February 2006

Mlyn interior - sexy doorsLater in February, M returned to Slov for her sister's 30th birthday party, and managed to get a meeting to see the 1 other property that had caught my eye on the web.
So with the mlyn still very much in both of our minds (see photo!), M set off on her own to see number 3 on our hotlist.
It's worth mentioning here that while the environment looked nice in the web photos, the house itself was nothing special; however, I could see that the land was sloping, there was a lot of it -3.4 acres/14,000m2- so I figured that there really must be a view, and having enough land to ensure privacy and a feeling of freedom was number 2 on the list of criteria for us.
Greenhouse ad' photoThere were more photos - mostly of the house buried under tons of snow, but still looking great. More online research had also revealed a small family ski centre just over 1km away, and a couple of small lakes in the area. With the Czech border only a couple of KM away and the White Carpathian national park on the doorstep - literally as it turned out, this was looking like a very strong contender. Some light relief from househunting
Thanks again to M's family for dragging themselves over to Myjava the next day to check the place out - especially as the snow made it impossible to get the car anywhere near the house. Instead, an 800m uphill walk through beech forest and then meadows with knee-high snow to reach the house. But hey was it worth it. Stunning view confirmed, M now a convert, and the outlaws also very enthusiastic about both the quality of the building and the environment. My barn... There would definitely be a lot of work to do on the house, but the basics were excellent and the old man who built it had a reputation in the area as a quality builder... good start. So now it just remained for me to see the place, and so we started planning a trip for Easter. The owner meantime confirmed that he wouldn't be showing to anyone else as long as the snow lasted - and thankfully this was turning out to be a very hard winter. View from the terrace
So now we faced the choice between mlyn and greenhouse. Luckily in some ways the choice was made for us. We'd insisted that the estate agent contact the neighbours regarding buying the adjacent land, and they came back with a 'yes' - and at a very affordable price. However, estate agents being what they are -trecherous- they immediately called all other parties with an interest to tell them the news. Within 2 days somebody else had an option in.
Not the end of the world as I said. We had the backup of the Green House as M had now dubbed the place, and the surrounding nature was streets ahead of the mlyn for privacy and charm.
The house


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